Turning 39 today, I resolve

Well, birthdays are about happy things just like how I started mine today–with blueberry cheesecake at 8 a.m and 3 birthday cards–more like doodled sheets of paper — from the little monster G (which, by the way, says “My ma is fat”.)  But birthdays are also as much about resolves made and hardly ever followed.  Again, just like mine — I resolve today that I will never ever (never say “never ever”, but I do) let G be anything like me!  No no..don’t get me wrong….I am a total narcissist when it comes to loving myself (my husband will second that) but I would not want G to be armed with the same ammunition that I use on the world and on her for now!  So, I will try not to let her be like me — I shall strive to be the only PMSaurus (the PMS-ing dinosaur) in this family for as long as I can help it.  I don’t think I am capable of handling another one like me!!  She can wear the crown of Little Monster till she finds an alter ego…mine is taken!




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