Defining Motherhood

INTERROGATE:  to question formally and systematically

Son: “Mommy, you wanna see this?”

Daughter: “Mommy, can you fix this?”

Son: “Mommy, can we play a game?”

Son: “When, later?  90-hundred hours?”

Daughter: “Mommy, can you turn the light on?”

Daughter: “Where’s my step stool?”

Daughter: “Please I have paper?

Son: “Mom?”

Daughter: “Can you kiss it?”

Daughter: “Is this your purse, Mommy?”

Son: “Is today Tuesday?”

Son: “Are Papa and Nonna coming today?”

Son: “Wanna see this paper airplane fly?”

Daughter: “Where’s Daddy?”

Son: “Which airplane do you think with go the farthest?”

Son: “Can we go to the helium store?”

Daughter: “Where are my socks?”

Son: “Can you get this Lego off?”

[Time elapsed: 5 minutes]

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New lessons for both…

Last couple of days we have been out at our coffee estate where Dear Hubby needed to take care of some work. For G and me it’s a regular holiday where I get to lie on the hammock and read (five minutes uninterrupted) while she gets to make mud cakes to her heart’s content. Far far away from city life! Sounds perfect, right?…think again!  Does that change anything for a parent…guess not!

Well, one day lunch battle begins. G is pulling at the last straw and I am a few seconds away from pleading insanity. Just then, she quitely slips off the dinning chair and ever so slowly walks off into the kitchen as if she needed a sip of water and guess what…she is out the back door!  Well, no biggie….my usual reaction would have been to shout at the top of my voice demanding she get back “right NOW!” But something amazing happened…I took a breath before that excrutiating exercise which was about to begin between us and I had a revelation!!  My Little Monster is scheming…at a microscopic level, yes, but nevertheless scheming it is.
As I see it, she pretends to go get something I wouldn’t object to, she calculates the back door would be an easier access and that she can get at least a few minutes away from the clutches of the PMSaurus…I was suddenly proud of her!I

Well, the point I am getting to is that in the earlier days of being a parent, it is easier to see them as cute little dependant babies but as they are a little older, we see them as “little people” and that is when the trouble starts.

I often feel like G is out to kick my ego out the window most of the times with her smart a** comments, cooked-up stories and some super smart and calculated behaviour.  But the moment I realised that what she was really doing is growing up…getting street smart and getting ready to handle the world in her own little ways, I learnt a new lesson!  G is learning and she is learning well!!  I ought to give her credit for that and not take it personally.  I believe now that she is not out to get me…lol…she really steps on my toes though!  I promise to let her explore more ways to see how she can go around things if not through them…to look at threats…to look at options to avoid them…or to take them head on!

I’ll end this post with one of her smart a** comments:

Yesterday, when I was carrying her through the field, I told her my legs were hurting as she was getting heavier now. Her reply, “If I walk then there will be…one..two..three..four legs hurting na?” Well, nothing much for me to say!

Little Monster G


Turning 39 today, I resolve

Well, birthdays are about happy things just like how I started mine today–with blueberry cheesecake at 8 a.m and 3 birthday cards–more like doodled sheets of paper — from the little monster G (which, by the way, says “My ma is fat”.)  But birthdays are also as much about resolves made and hardly ever followed.  Again, just like mine — I resolve today that I will never ever (never say “never ever”, but I do) let G be anything like me!  No no..don’t get me wrong….I am a total narcissist when it comes to loving myself (my husband will second that) but I would not want G to be armed with the same ammunition that I use on the world and on her for now!  So, I will try not to let her be like me — I shall strive to be the only PMSaurus (the PMS-ing dinosaur) in this family for as long as I can help it.  I don’t think I am capable of handling another one like me!!  She can wear the crown of Little Monster till she finds an alter ego…mine is taken!