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People told me life would change but nobody warned me how I would turn into a ticking bomb!

BEFORE                                             vs.                                               AFTER

My Vanity:  

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall…   vs.      Mirror cracks!! Its a horror story!!

My Belief:

  • Logic and reason                  vs.                         “…because I SAID SO..!!”

My Lifestyle:

  • “Let’s rock all night, baby!”   vs.   “Gosh, its 9 already…LIGHTS OFF!”

My Tantrums:

  • “You don’t spend enough time with me!”  vs.  “Leave me alone, will u!”

My Leisure:

  • long drives on quite roads  vs.  “Why aren’t there drive-thru
  •                                                                   Super Markets??!!”

My yearly Resolve:

  • “I’ll try to be a better human being”  vs.  “I will try not to let little G turn
  •                                                                                    into me!”

100 things I want to learn:

  • To fly a plane, pick a lock… vs.  Get the stench of baby puke off me


  • “Its a lovely day today!” vs.  “Stop trying to smell your own fart!”

What a baby means to me:

  • little bundle of joy vs.  “Little Monster who is out to get me…..HELP!!!”