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STOP daydreaming about your kid’s life…

ImageYesterday, I was driving G back from school when she suddenly looks at me and declares, “when I am big, I will do Fashion!”
Awesome! I was delighted.  My little girl wanted to be a designer just like her dad and mom…hahaha..it’s all in the blood, I say! 

So I probed her a little asking how she wanted to do Fashion, what kind of lovely clothes will she make for people? I also told her it was a great idea…It would make me really proud. Well, though she listened to my ramblings calmly she had this look on her face which clearly meant “gosh, are you dumb or something?” Apparently, when she reached the end of her patience with it, she cut me off and said in a curt manner: “I want to do fashion…like i want to have longggg hair…wear beautiful dresses…and have lovely…awesome awesome big earrings all the time…THAT FASHION, Ma.” 

And there, you couldn’t have heard the sound of my bubble burst but surely my sigh of disappointment! I was over the moon one minute and dragged down like dead weight the next.

My daughter wanted to “do fashion” so forget ballet classes and prepare to walk the ramp, baby!

One more lesson learnt:  STOP daydreaming about your kid’s life…dream about yours!!